David Bridgeman

David Bridgeman

I work from an impulsive and intuitive beginning, arriving at a more considered point through a methodical progression. 

The works highlight an intuitive moment which continues to evolve until it is captured with the addition of a grid. This acts as a utilitarian device, which has a steadying, taming effect, slowing me down. It forces a more considered approach. The incongruity of the perpendicular and vertical lines against the impulsive mark-making interests me. 

The works often begin as small mixed-media pieces. They are almost ramblings, wanderings through piles of cut or torn, recycled work. I search for interesting marks, colours, textures, contrasts. The evolution is purely intuitive at this point. The addition of a grid, using it as a structured device, allows me to think in a more organized way. I can either choose to adopt its lines or disrupt them. I’m interested in the additional layering options it provides, a skin to apply new shapes and colours.

I utilize whatever materials and paints are currently available at the time and these also dictate the image.

As I work, painterly issues arise regarding the depiction of space, weight, colour and these are negotiated and dealt with as the work progresses. The works are often a surprise as I pull intuitively from a lexicon of imagery and mark-making developed over many years.

The paintings are a product of so many things. They reflect who I am, my changing moods, my experiences, my immediate environment, my travels, boundaries, a complex childhood and family.  They reflect my interest in collecting things; a need to organize, index, file; a love of books, libraries, museums and ancient civilsations. They have a diaristic element to them as I record and respond to feelings and emotions on a changing daily basis.

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