Gossamer Flight

Gossamer Flight
Etching on Stonehenge paper
8 x 5 in (20 x 13 cm)
Edition of 25
These etchings are made using a non-toxic method of printmaking with an adapted Copper Sulphate solution from a swimming pool store. I use aluminium plates which are easier to source on a small island than zinc.
 Pegasus Series
The Pegasus works stem from my father's RAF flying manual.  He was a mechanic after the war and used the manual as part of his training. As a child I remember being fascinated by the beautiful engineering pullout drawings of the aircraft. One particular engine was the Pegasus.  I made copies of the drawings which were mainly fluid distribution markings and used them to make several collages.  I then decided that I could actually design my own flying machine which in turn led to the construction of a wire model.  This I used as the basis for a number of pen and ink and charcoal drawings which then fed ideas for paintings.  I must confess that the paintings coincided with the exhibition of Peter Lanyon's paintings at the Courtald and I had in my head the idea that the air above is as turbulent and voluminous as the sea.  For the longest time I was plagued with the reoccurring dream that I was flying a plane that I couldn't land.  My plane expertly weaves across the land and sea, carrying precious cargo.
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