Industrial Landscape

Industrial Landscape
Oil on canvas mixed media
51 x 76 in (130 x 193 cm)

A painting from the exhibition The road not taken, 2014.  I began the piece earlier in the year and it was taking a different form but when I visited the UK in the summer I took a train from Oxford to St. Ives.  The train changed at Didcot Power Station beneath the iconic cooling towers.  I didn’t appreciate at the time that these would be the last time I would see these structures.  They were landmark features that strangely brought comfort and security but have now been demolished.  As a child I remember being scared of the dark and sometimes at night if I couldn’t sleep, I could see these towers lit up in the distance from my bedroom on a clear night.  In my childish head I used to take comfort from the fact that I knew people were working there through the night and I wasn’t alone.

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